Russell Brown Mathematics Arts and Sciences University of Kentucky

Russell Brown

I work in the mathematics department at the University of Kentucky. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota under the supervision of Gene Fabes. After graduating, I spent a year at MSRI and then two years as a Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago as part of the research group led by Carlos Kenig. I came to rest in Kentucky in 1990.

My research uses harmonic analysis to study questions in partial differential equations. Two themes are the study of boundary value problems in domains with minimal smoothness and questions about regularity in the inverse conductivity problem.

I teach regularly at all levels from the undergraduate to the graduate level. Until interrupted by COVID, I worked with colleagues (especially Ben Braun) to organize the Central Kentucky Mathematics Circle to provide an opportunity for interested high school students to explore mathematics outside of the standard high school curriculum.

In addition to research and teaching, I have served as Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Graduate Studies and Chair in the Department of Mathematics. I happily returned to civilian life in the summer of 2018.